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Confirmation & First Holy Communion update

Over the last few months there has been much disappointment and confusion surrounding Church ceremonies and in particular First Holy Communion and Confirmation ceremonies.   The latest advise is that ceremonies can resume in parishes were they were already scheduled to take place in August or September, which applies to our parish.   As we near the date for our Confirmation & First Holy Communion ceremonies  we will continue our preparations and we will notify you of any change to this.   Current Covid-19  guidance and protocols will continue to be followed to ensure that gatherings in church buildings are as safe as possible.

If you are uncomfortable attending the ceremony with your child  in the current circumstances please contact the parish office and we will accommodate your child at a later date.

In the meantime, I suggest that you continue to deepen your child’s understanding of the Sacrament they are about to receive, you can do this by;

Praying regularly with your child

By joining us for our live streamed Masses, log onto

www.saintnicholasparish.ie/our-parish/webcam or www.churchservices.tv/limerickstnicholas

Talking with your child about the Sacrament and also about the circumstances in which your child will receive the Sacrament.

Using the resources in the Home Support and Resources section on the Diocesan Website www.limerickdiocese.org/resources/category/resources/first-communion

Given the most unusual circumstance we find ourselves in I can appreciate that things are not ideal. Your continued co-operation and patience are very much appreciated.

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